An infinite journey through Space Time. 

ARTEMIDES is the new Duo-Project of worldwide touring producer and live act SETH SCHWARZ and his wife LYDGEN, who is a trained violinist and talented singer. Their story began when their eyes met - playing music together in a university orchestra when a timeless soul connection was reestablished.
While the sound foundation is set by the deep & wide melodic electronic groove and the passionate violin play of SETH, LYDGEN fulfills the sound scapes by adding on epic melodies and sweet improvisations with her angelic voice.
Being on stage together is a manifestation of their dream, resembling the pure love for each other expressed through their music - ARTEMIDES is a truely unique live act - enriching the sophisticated electronic music scene. 
ARTEMIDES are based in Halle/S. - Germany.
 ARTEMIDES have performed at numerous famous events like Burning Man, Fusion Festival, Pleinvrees, Afrikaburn and Zurich Hive Festival.
Their tracks "Cloud Nine", "Dialuna" and "Create the Universe" are released on well-known Labels like Abracadabra and All day I dream. 
With the beginning of 2024 they founded their own label called NASAJA, where they gonna release a collection of beautiful mostly melodic and organic house tracks.

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